Sunday, October 7, 2012

HALLOWEEN WEEK: Disneyland Just got Spookier billboards...

Maleficent Disney Halloween spell billboard
It's Halloween Time again at Disneyland and Mickey Mouse and his villainous friends have stopped by to help us treat you to a spooky finale to our inaugural HALLOWEEN WEEK here at Daily Billboard.
Cruella Disneyland Halloween billboard
Here are two of Disney's iconic animation villains, 'Maleficent' from Sleeping Beauty and 'Cruella de Vil' from 101 Dalmatians, getting in the Halloween spirit on these tradition vinyl billboards along Beverly Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue on September 23.
Mickeys Halloween Party 2012 digital billboard
As a special treat (we don't do it often here at Daily Billboard), here's also a selection of digital billboards for the theme park's Halloween celebrations.
Captain Hook Disneyland Halloween 2012 billboard
Mickey's joined by the likes of Peter Pan's 'Captain Hook', another version of the Maleficent creative and even that tricky 'Cheshire Cat' from Alice in Wonderland at the intersection of Barham Boulevard and Cahuenga Boulevard East on September 29, 2012.
Maleficent Disneyland Halloween 2012 billboard
Cheshire cat Disneyland Halloween 2012 billboard
Plus 'Ursula' from The Little Mermaid promises to 'scare the bubbles out of you' this Halloween season.
Ursula Disneyland Halloween 2012 billboard
If you like these billboards, be sure to check out the Disneyland Halloween Time 'Wicked fun for everyone' ad campaign from 2010.
Maleficent Disneyland Halloween Time billboard
Now that HALLOWEEN WEEK is over here, Daily Billboard hopes you'll continue to come by for a spell next week for another fantastic selection of eye-catching ad creatives lining the skies of L.A.
Cruella spooky Disneyland Halloween billboard

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