Monday, October 15, 2012

Giant Chasing Mavericks movie billboards...

Giant Chasing Mavericks movie billboard
Daily Billboard thinks this super-sized billboard for new surfing movie Chasing Mavericks is totally awesome dude.

Not only is it an arresting visual but it's also really quite a clever creative with the 'actual size' surfer.
Giant Chasing Mavericks billboard
The film is based on the life of surfer 'Jay Moriarty' who when young discovers that one of the biggest and most dangerous waves on Earth, the mythic Mavericks surf break, is near his Santa Cruz home. Wanting to conquer the wave, he enlists local legend 'Frosty Hesson' (Gerard Butler) to train him to survive it and the pair end up forming a unique friendship.
Giant Chasing Mavericks movie billboard
This spectacular movie billboard was snapped on the side of L.A.'s Sofitel Hotel along Beverly Boulevard on October 2, 2012.
Chasing Mavericks billboard Sofitel Hotel
If you're a Gerard Butler fan, be sure to also check out this giant-sized Machine Gun Preacher movie billboard in the same location.
Chasing Mavericks movie billboard
UPDATED: Here's another version of the cool creative for the surfing movie snapped at Sunset & Vine in Hollywood on October 23, 2012.
Chasing Mavericks movie billboard
UPDATED: Plus another large portrait billboard spied along Hollywood Boulevard on October 26, 2012.
Chasing Mavericks movie billboard
This creative just wouldn't work as well on a standard landscape billboard, it really does need the extra height for the sheer 'wow' factor.
Chasing Mavericks movie billboard

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