Friday, September 21, 2012

TV WEEK: The Neighbors series premiere billboard...

Neighbors series premiere billboard
The worst thing in the world you can have is bad neighbors, and the best thing is good neighbors, so what do you think ABC's new comedy series The Neighbors will be.
The Neighbors billboard
Hit or miss? You never can tell with a new glut of shows for the Fall season.
Neighbors ABC billboard
This billboard creative uses that instantly recognisable trope of a neighbors fence to quickly convey the premise of the new sitcom, although from the green slime oozing down the sides you can tell all is not as it appears.
Neighbors series premiere billboard
These people living next door seem to be extra special in that they are extra-terrestrials masquerading as everyday suburbanites.
Neighbors season 1 billboard
This simple billboard creative for the new spin on a neighbor sitcom was snapped high above Wilshire and San Vicente Boulevards on August 11, and also along Sunset Boulevard on September 15, 2012.
The Neighbors TV billboard

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