Thursday, September 20, 2012

TV WEEK: Arrow series premiere billboards...

Arrow season 1 billboard
Daily Billboard thinks it's high time we had some eye candy for the new TV season and Stephen Amell does a fine job of providing it as 'Oliver Queen' in Arrow.
Aim for Justice Arrow teaser billboard
Based on Green Arrow from DC Comics, this new younger and edgier incarnation is obviously hoping to capitalise on the character's appearance in Smallville (played by Justin Hartley) and probably to introduce wider audiences to another member of the superhero group the Justice League of America (JLA), for a possible future film to rival Marvel's The Avengers.
Arrow series premiere billboard
The 'Aim for Justice' teaser is a nice spin on the comic book character's team affiliation with some archery connotations, whilst the shortening of his name to 'Arrow' for the series title is an attempt to make the show sound a tad cooler.
Arrow TV billboard
In this new CW series, the superhero is a billionaire playboy who was shipwrecked and presumed dead on a remote island. Scarred and changed by his experiences, Oliver returns to his family and Starling City to make amends for his actions as a boy armed with a bow and arrow and a fine set of muscles.
Aim for Justice Arrow teaser billboard
Arrow's teaser billboard was first spied above the Whisky A Go-Go club along Sunset Strip on August 30, whilst the 'Destiny leaves its mark' version was snapped along Highland Avenue and La Cienega Boulevard on September 14, 2012.
Arrow TV billboard
Let's hope this new series hits the target and that the archer will soon be united with the likes of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and his other JLA members on the big screen.
Arrow season 1 CW billboard
UPDATED: Daily Billboard came across three new additions to the Arrow teaser above Whisky A Go-Go on September 21, 2012, three giant arrows in fact.
Aim for Justice billboard
Aim Justice Arrow billboard
Simple and eye-catching, this special installation is a fantastic way to draw attention to the new show and get people talking.
Aim for Justice Arrow special installation billboard
Aim for Justice Arrow installation billboard
This PR stunt certainly hits the target.
Aim Justice Arrow special installation billboard
UPDATED: Daily Billboard isn't sure about destiny, but Stephen Amell is certainly leaving his mark on the L.A. skyline with this giant-sized billboard showing off his washboard abs and impressive torso.
Giant Stephen Amell Arrow billboard Hollywood
Let's face it, everyone loves their superheroes to look superheroic. So even if there won't be any tights, at least there's some muscle. Job well done Arrow.
Stephen Amell Arrow billboard Hollywood
UPDATED: It appears that Arrow has hit the bull's-eye with its mix of vigilante superheroics and attractive cast, so the clever people at The CW have modified their special installation billboard to reflect the new series success.
Arrow Hit the bullseye special installation billboard
This cool billboard was snapped in the same location above Whisky A Go-Go on October 26, 2012.
Arrow season 1 Bullseye billboard installation
Now that the show has been commissioned for a full season it just needs to keep hitting the target every episode and they may just have another Smallville on their hands.
Arrow special installation bullseye billboard
UPDATED: Here's the Green Arrow as part of the Crisis of Infinite Earths Arrowverse crossover event, which takes place in his eighth and final season. This billboard jam-packed with DC superheroes was snapped above the Sunset Strip on December 6, 2019.
Crisis on Infinite Earths Arrowverse 2019 crossover billboard

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