Monday, September 24, 2012

Looper movie billboards...

Looper movie billboard
Make sure you stay in the loop this week by checking out these cool billboards for Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt's new sci-fi action movie, Looper
Looper movie billboard
In the future, when the mob wants to dispose of someone they send them 30 years into the past where a hired gun awaits. When a future version of gangland assassin 'Joe Simmons' is sent back to 'close the loop', his younger self hesitates and allows him to escape.
Looper movie billboards Hollywood
Daily Billboard likes that the imagery in these billboards for the futuristic film are like flip-sides of the same coin, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt even endured hours of prosthetic makeup to help transform himself into a younger and more believable version of the Die Hard star.
Looper movie billboard
Gordon-Levitt certainly has been doing well for himself this Summer, with starring roles in The Dark Knight Rises and the cycle thriller Premium Rush, he's come a long way from the sitcom days of 3rd Rock from the Sun, but it's nice to see him returning to his sci-fi roots. Looper movie billboard
These billboards for Looper seem to be everywhere you turn in L.A. at the moment.
Looper movie billboard Santa Monica
From the version snapped high atop the Santa Monica Place shopping centre on September 8, to the standard landscape billboards first spied along Sunset Boulevard on August 31 and La Cienega Boulevard on September 17, 2012 respectively, plus smaller ads dotting the L.A. skyline like this one along Sunset Strip.
Looper billboard
Looper billboard
If you're a Bruce Willis fan, be sure to check out this movie billboard for Red and these billboards for Inception, which starred Joseph Gordon-Levitt.
Looper film billboard

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