Friday, September 14, 2012

Giant Borderlands 2 video game billboards...

Giant Borderlands 2 video game billboards
Gamers rejoice as mayhem awaits you with the release of Borderlands 2 this month.
Borderlands 2 video game billboard
Borderlands 2 game billboard
Time to return to the futuristic space Western world of Pandora (not the one with big blue aliens) for some first-person shooter role-playing action.
Giant Borderlands 2 billboard Sunset Strip
These giant-sized billboards for the video game sequel were spied along Sunset Strip in West Hollywood on September 7, 2012.
Giant Borderlands 2 billboards Sunset Strip
If you like this super-sized ad with its cool comic book vibe, you may also enjoy these billboards for Darksiders II and this giant Call of Duty MW3 billboard too.Borderlands 2 billboards

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