Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Brickleberry cartoon series premiere TV billboard...

Brickleberry Comedy Central billboard
Yeah, it's that kind of billboard today, and don't you just love it!
Brickleberry cartoon billboard Sunset Boulevard
If you think this ad for Comedy Central's new animated show Brickleberry is a tad crude or you're easily offended, then Daily Billboard has the sneaking suspicion that this kind of humour is not for you.
Brickleberry season 1 cartoon billboard
But at least you can't say that a moose peeing upright and a park ranger in his underwear doesn't make for an arresting visual on this special extension billboard.
Brickleberry cartoon special extension billboard
So if this tongue-in-cheek advertisement snapped along Sunset Boulevard on September 6, 2012 does bring a smile to your lips, then be sure to check out Forest Ranger 'Steve Williams' and the cute bear cub 'Malloy' for lots of misadventures in the great outdoors.

And for a different all-ages kind of comedy also set in an American National Park check out these movie billboards for Yogi Bear from 2010.
Brickleberry series premiere billboard
UPDATED: It looks like not much has changed in the world of Brickleberry as this third season billboard with a clown exposing himself at a crazy golf course, snapped in the same Sunset Strip location on September 15, 2014, suggests it's business as usual and this is certainly not a cartoon for kids.
Brickleberry season 3 billboard

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