Sunday, August 5, 2012

TV WEEK: Regular Show season four billboard...

Regular Show Cartoon Network billboard
Cartoon Network have taken a leaf out of The Hub's book, to come up with a quirky and arresting visual for the fourth season of its hit cartoon series, Regular Show.

23-year old best friends 'Mordecai' the blue jay and 'Rigby' the raccoon do whatever they can to slack off from their day jobs as groundkeepers, which usually results in a series of bizarre and surreal misadventures.
Regular Show Cartoon billboard
Daily Billboard suspects the animated series is anything but a 'regular show', but this cool billboard snapped at the bottom of Barham Boulevard at Cahuenga Boulevard on July 20, 2012 makes you chuckle with its simplicity.
Regular Show Cartoon Network billboard
UPDATED: If you liked the the first creative then you'll love this equally laid-back billboard for Regular Show
Regular Show Cartoon season 4 billboard
Regular Show Cartoon Network billboard
Mordecai and Rigby look like they've been partying hard in this new Cartoon Network billboard snapped in the same location on September 1, 2012.
Regular Show season 4 billboard

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  1. Yaaayuuh!
    I like it
    If u see more of rs billboards, please show us! ;)