Tuesday, August 21, 2012

TV WEEK: Go On series premiere billboards...

Go On sitcom billboard
With fellow former Friends stars like Jennifer Aniston forever in the news for who she's dating and Matt LeBlanc winning a Golden Globe for his role in Showtime's Episodes, Matthew Perry must feel the pressure for his new NBC comedy show Go On to succeed.
Go On NBC billboard
Hopefully it will be funnier than his failed ABC sitcom from 2011 about an operations manager of a second-rate sports arena, Mr. Sunshine.
Matthew Perry Go On billboard
This time he has his own personal support group to help him, as he plays a recently widowed sportscaster, 'Ryan King', forced to go to group grief counseling before he can return to work.
Go On season 1 billboard
This vibrant series premiere billboard for Go On is certainly an improvement over the dull Mr. Sunshine billboard, and this new NBC ad was snapped along Sunset Boulevard at Laurel Canyon Boulevard on August 14, 2012.
Matthew Perry Go On billboard
UPDATED: If you thought there were a lot of ads around Los Angeles for Go On, just wait until you see all the support that NBC is throwing at their new sitcom in New York City.
Go On billboards Times Square NYC
Go On billboards Times Square NYC
Go On billboards Times Square
Go On billboards Times Square NYC
First up is this giant group hug in Manhattan's infamous tourist destination Times Square.
Go On billboard Broadway NYC
Go On billboards Broadway NYC
Also in close proximity to Times Square, along Broadway at West 51st Street, is this collection of ads for Go On and another of NBC's new comedy shows, The New Normal.
NBC sitcom billboards Broadway NYC
Finally this other Go On ad was spotted along 7th Avenue near major commuter hub Penn Station and another landscape billboard above 10th Avenue at West 33rd Street on August 28, 2012.
Go On NBC billboard 7th Avenue
One thing is clear, if Matthew Perry's new sitcom fails, it won't be for lack of marketing support.
Go On season 1 billboard NYC

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