Friday, August 10, 2012

Kermit the Frog Live Your Dreams billboard...

Kermit Live your dreams billboard
How can you not love that face, and the sentiment of this 'Live your dreams' billboard.

If you're a Muppets fan then you'll get a kick out of seeing Kermit the Frog starring in his own ad, especially when it has such a lovely message.

It doesn't matter that he's green, eats flies and dates a pig, he's still a Hollywood superstar and there's a lot you can learn from his example, about following your own dreams, plus showing tolerance and understanding for others who may be different than you.
Kermit Frog Live your dreams billboard
Even though it's been hopping around L.A. for some time now, this Values billboard snapped along Ventura Boulevard in Studio City on July 17, 2012 is still a joy to behold.

If you like this, then check out the enigmatic Mona Lisa Smile billboard from the same organisation, plus these other fun billboards for the recent Muppets movie revival.
Kermit Frog Hollywood Star billboard
Remember, life's too short, so live your dreams and encourage others to do the same.
Kermit Live your dreams billboard
UPDATED: Here's a smaller version of Kermit's billboard above the new Old Navy pop-up store along Beverly Boulevard on August 22, 2012.
Kermit Values billboard

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