Friday, August 31, 2012

Hotel Transylvania movie billboards...

Giant Hotel Transylvania movie billboard
Nowadays animated movies seem over-populated with cute and cuddly critters, like zoo escapees, martial arts mammals and prehistoric animals, so it's nice to see a film sporting some more monstrous characters for a change.
Hotel Transylvania movie billboard Sunset Vine
Welcome to Hotel Transylvania, a five-star resort where the world's monsters go to get away from it all.
Hotel Transylvania movie billboard NYC
Run by the vampiric 'Count Dracula', you'll also find other famous supernatural guests like werewolves, mummies, invisible men and even Frankenstein's monster.
Giant Hotel Transylvania movie billboard
In addition to the recognisable creepy creatures you'll also find they also sport some fairly recognisable voices from the likes of Adam Sandler, Steve Buscemi, Selena Gomez, Molly Shannon, CeeLo Green and more besides.
Hotel Transylvania movie ad
These fun billboards for the computer-animated comedy were snapped around the streets of Los Angeles and New York City.
Hotel Transylvania movie billboard NYC
The giant-sized Count Dracula version was spied along Beverly Boulevard on the side of L.A.'s Sofitel Hotel on August 23.
Giant Hotel Transylvania billboard
The creative featuring the classic monsters arriving at Hotel Transylvania was spotted at Hollywood's Sunset & Vine on August and also near SoHo in Manhattan on August 28, 2012.
Hotel Transylvania billboard
The version featuring the character head-shots was also snapped in New York near the infamous Times Square.
Hotel Transylvania billboard NYC
Arriving just in time for the run up to Halloween, let's hope this new movie is monstrously funny and not a frightful disappointment.
Hotel Transylvania movie billboard
UPDATED: Here's another creative for the spooky movie spotlighting 'Frankenstein' and 'The Mummy' spied along Sunset Boulevard above the House of Blues on August 31, 2012.

Daily Billboard is sure more character billboards will follow and will keep our eyes peeled in the coming weeks.
Hotel Transylvania Frankenstein Mummy billboard
And as if by magic, here's a striking red billboard featuring a solo 'Count Dracula' snapped along Cahuenga Boulevard West on September 1, 2012.
Dracula Hotel Transylvania billboard
UPDATED: The billboards for this animated movie keep coming, with this Wolfman and family creative snapped at Highland and Fountain Avenues on September 14, 2012.
Hotel Transylvania Wolfman billboard
Plus this billboard featuring Dracula's daughter 'Mavis' (voiced by Selena Gomez) and Jonathan who falls in love with her, spotted along Fairfax Avenue on September 21, 2012.
Hotel Transylvania Mavis Jonathan billboard
UPDATED: With Halloween just around the corner it looks like Hotel Transylvania has enjoyed a strong opening weekend box office of over $40 million.
Hotel Transylvania movie billboard
To celebrate here's another fun creative showing all the holidaying monsters snapped at Sunset & Vine opposite the Cinerama Dome cinema on September 30, 2012.
Hotel Transylvania movie billboard Hollywood

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Second wave billboards for Apple's new iPad...

Giant iPad3 billboard Sunset Boulevard
Just as Apple likes to continually update its smartphones, iPods and tablets, it also does a great job of refreshing its advertising campaigns.
iPad On the road billboard
ipad 3 girl billboard
Here's what Daily Billboard thinks is the second wave of creatives for their new iPad 3, which went on sale in March 2012 with an accompanying roll-out ad campaign in the Spring.
Apple iPad email keyboard billboard
Apple iPad snap magazine billboard
This sleek new round of billboards once again highlights the many different features of the Apple tablet, from e-magazines to touch-screen keyboard and especially the sharpness of the new retina display screen.
iPad 3 motorbike billboard
Apple iPad 3 second wave billboard
They also do a fantastic job of making the iPad seem not only desirable, but essential in the face of today's ever-shifting and quickening pace of technological change.
Giant Apple iPad 3 billboard
iPad 3 keyboard billboard
And reminding everyone it can still do the basics, like email (but the latest version, of course).
Apple iPad 3 billboard
This assortment of new creatives was photographed around the streets of L.A. from July 25 through to Mid-August 2012, from the giant-sized 'Snap magazine' version along Sunset Boulevard to ads along Melrose Avenue, Highland Avenue, Fairfax Avenue, Wilshire Boulevard and more.
Apple iPad 3 billboard
Plus finally, here's a duo of billboards for this wave snapped above the Apple store on West 14th Street in New York's Meatpacking District on August 28, 2012.
iPad 3 billboards NYC

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Oogieloves in The Big Balloon Adventure movie billboards...

Giant Oogieloves Big Balloon Adventure movie billboard
If like Daily Billboard you didn't have a clue who or what The Oogieloves were, then stick around and check out this invasion of billboards for their Big Balloon Adventure movie around L.A. and prepare to be enlightened.
Oogieloves Big Balloon Adventure special extension billboard
Like a mash-up of The Teletubbies and the Tweenies, Goobie, Zoozie and Toofie are meant to get family audiences singing and dancing along in the cinema aisle (whilst everyone else without a kid avoids this film with a vengeance).
Oogieloves Big Balloon Adventure movie billboard
They certainly haven't scrimped on the marketing budget for this children's movie with giant-sized creatives, special extensions and standard landscape billboards along the major commuter belts in L.A.
Oogieloves Balloon Adventure billboard
With colourful and eye-catching creatives, the super-sized ads make the most of the unique dimensions of the sides of the buildings they find themselves on along the Sunset Strip.
Oogieloves Big Balloon Adventure giant billboard
Funnily enough the special extension billboard is the only one that prominently features the magical balloons in their big adventure and was spotted beside Highland and Franklin Avenues.
Oogieloves Balloons billboard
Oogieloves Big Balloon Adventure billboard
The billboards including the tall vertical version at the top of La Cienega Boulevard and the standard landscape billboard up high over Wilshire Boulevard were photographed from August 11 to August 18, 2012.
Oogieloves billboard
Oogieloves movie billboard
Not only are The Ooogieloves all around L.A., but they're also on the streets of New York City with this massive billboard along 7th Avenue at West 33rd Street near the busy Penn Station.
Oogieloves movie billboard NYC
Get ready to sing along, dance along and 'boogie off your oogie off'.
Oogieloves movie billboard NYC

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Resident Evil: Retribution movie billboards...

Resident Evil Retribution movie billboard
Daily Billboard is pretty amazed that a movie adaptation of a video game has spawned not one but four sequels, and there still seems to be life left in the Resident Evil film franchise (even if that may be a bit of an apocalyptic life).
Resident Evil 5 Retribution billboard
Resident Evil: Retribution is the fifth installment in the apocalyptic zombie odyssey and Milla Jovovich is back once again to shoot, hack and slash the undead T-Virus carriers, plus kick the Umbrella Corporation's ass at the same time.
Resident Evil Retribution movie billboard
From the looks of the destruction in these billboards though, the world's not having a very good time of it and the seas are literally running red with blood (in the shape of the Umbrella Corporation logo no less).
Resident Evil Retribution billboard
Although not focusing on their female action star or the zombies she dispatches, these movie ad creatives are suitably sci-fi and foreboding, and you can believe this truly is the beginning of the 'ultimate battle'.
Resident Evil 5 movie billboard
The super-sized portrait billboard was spotted at Hollywood & Highland on August 15, whilst the landscape versions were snapped along Sunset Boulevard and above Sunset & Vine on August 13, 2012.
Resident Evil Retribution billboard
If you're a fan of the movies, be sure to also check out these Resident Evil: Afterlife movie billboards.
Resident Evil 5 Retribution billboard
UPDATED: Here's another billboard for this fifth movie installment that Daily Billboard spied along the streets of SoHo in New York City on August 28, 2012.
Resident Evil Retribution movie billboard NYC

Monday, August 27, 2012

Giant Finding Nemo 3D movie billboard...

Finding Nemo 3D movie billboard
What better way to start your week than with a giant dose of feel-good, courtesy of Disney/Pixar's Finding Nemo movie from 2003.
Giant Finding Nemo 3D movie billboard Sunset Strip
It's the latest trend in Hollywoodland, by converting your most successful and popular movies to 3D you're guaranteed to get an audience willing to pay big bucks to see their favourite movie up on the big screen again, but this time whilst wearing 3D glasses.

So far it's worked with the 3D re-release of Disney's The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast,
Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace and even Titanic, already one of the biggest-grossing movies of all time.
Giant Finding Nemo 3D movie billboard
Regardless of the business motives, this Finding Nemo billboard certainly is a spectacular visual with 'Marlin' and 'Dory' cowering before 'Bruce' the great white shark.

This fun-tastic super-sized creative was snapped towering over L.A.'s Sunset Plaza on August 23, 2012.
Finding Nemo 3D movie billboard