Monday, July 23, 2012

MOVIE WEEK: The Campaign special installation billboards...

Campaign Brady clown special installation billboard
What better way to start the week than with this fantastic duo of special installation billboards in Hollywood for the new political comedy, The Campaign.
Campaign Evil is evil does special installation billboard
Campaign Brady Clown special billboard
In an election year it had to happen, and who better to spoof the whole election process than the amazing Will Ferrell and everyone's current go-to-funny guy Zach Galifianakis.
Campaign special installation movie billboards
The Campaign special installation billboard
Campaign Evil special installation billboard
This hilarious installation sees the two rivals for Congress defacing each others promotional billboards with graffiti and was snapped on opposite sides of the street along Cahuenga Boulevard, between Sunset Boulevard and Selma Avenue, on July 20, 2012 (with special thanks to for the tip off that these ads were there).
Campaign Vote Brady billboard installation
Campaign movie billboard installation Hollywood
Campaign Higgins for Congress billboard installation
These life-like mannequins perched on their stool and trash can caught in the act with their spray paint make Daily Billboard roar with laughter and we're sure other passersby feel the same.
The Campaign movie billboard
Campaign kissing baby billboard
If that wasn't enough, there's also a whole raft of fun regular billboards around L.A. in a variety of sizes with two main creatives to entertain.
Campaign Will Zach billboard
The 'kissing baby' creative is especially funny and you just know politicians do this all the time (although if you've seen the movie trailer, Daily Billboard would wager you've never seen a baby punched by a Congressional candidate before).
Campaign kissing baby billboard
These comedic billboards were photographed all over the streets of L.A. from Barham Boulevard to 3rd Street, Melrose and Highland Avenues to Ventura Boulevard around mid-July 2012.
The Campaign billboard
Campaign film billboard
If you think these are funny, be sure to check out more special installation billboards for TV shows, fashion brands and movies here at Daily Billboard.
Campaign 2012 movie billboard
Campaign 2012 movie billboard
UPDATED: Here's the two-dimensional billboards of the special installation creatives that have appeared along L.A.'s Sunset Strip at Holloway Drive.
Campaign movie billboards Sunset Strip
Campaign defaced billboard
This fun duo of intentionally defaced billboards was snapped on July 24, 2012.
Campaign movie billboards

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