Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hollywood Bowl 2009 - 2012 billboards...

Hollywood Bowl 2012 billboard
Summer is here. The sun is shining, the evenings are getting warmer and the Hollywood Bowl season is in full swing. Here's how L.A.'s infamous outdoor amphitheater with a seating capacity of almost 18,000 has advertised itself in the last four years.
Hollywood Bowl 2011 billboard
The 2012 billboard has retained the 'There's a story in every seat' tagline from the 2011 campaign and a similar visual from the audiences perspective.
Hollywood Bowl 2011 billboard
Last year's billboards photographed at the end of April and beginning of May 2011 around the streets of L.A. certainly had a more youthful feel, trying to appeal to all those young concert goers.

Plus one creative overtly embraced social media and encouraged spectators to 'Like. Comment. Share.' their experiences.
Hollywood Bowl 2011 billboard
Anyone who's ever attended a Bowl event with surely empathize with the 'story in every seat' sentiment as it truly is a performance venue where memories are made.
Hollywood Bowl 2010 billboard
The 2010 creative photographed along Highland Avenue on May 5, 2010 and the 2009 billboard snapped along La Cienega Boulevard on May 22, 2009 both focused more on the iconic design of the Hollywood Bowl for their visual, and tried to convince Los Angelenos that going there was an essential part of their Summer.
Hollywood Bowl 2009 billboard
The 2012 design is much simpler and direct and was spied along Sunset Boulevard on June 7, 2012.

Do these ads make you want to attend the Hollywood Bowl?
Hollywood Bowl 2012 billboard
UPDATED: If you like those ads, here's the colourful Hollywood Bowl billboard design for the summer season 2013, which was snapped along La Brea Avenue on July 8, 2013.
Hollywood Bowl 2013 billboard
Hollywood Bowl 2014 billboard
UPDATED: In addition here's the vibrant 2014 ad creative for the outdoor amphitheater spied along Santa Monica Boulevard in Westwood, plus along La Cienega Boulevard on June 18, 2014.
Hollywood Bowl 2014 season billboard
UPDATED: We obviously didn't spy a 2015 billboard, but here's the 2016 ad creative snapped along Santa Monica Boulevard near Westwood Boulevard on July 14, 2016.
Hollywood Bowl 2016 billboard

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