Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Vitamin Water You're Up billboards...

Vitamin Water xxx surfer billboard
Daily Billboard is currently loving the new Vitamin Water ad campaign that has been lining the streets of L.A. these past few months.
Vitamin Water energy guitarist billboard
Vitamin Water revive billboard
The mono lifestyle creatives on white with a burst of vibrant colour for each variant, plus some special extensions to capture your attention even more, really do stand out against the California sky.
Vitamin Water cyclist billboard
Vitamin Water surfer billboard
Of course, it helps when you tease a bit of nudity like with this naked male cyclist and the near topless female surfer for the xxx drink.
Vitamin Water guitarist billboard
Vitamin Water revive billboard
Playing cool instruments, dancing with abandon, engaging in sports, all help convey the energy and youthfulness of the water brand.
Vitamin Water cyclist billboard
The cyclist was first snapped on March 27 along La Brea Avenue, whilst the surfer was spotted on May 5 along La Cienega Boulevard, the 'revive' creative seen along Melrose Avenue on May 23 and the guitarist version also photographed along La Brea Avenue on June 12, 2012.
Vitamin Water Sunrise billboard
Meanwhile, for a different take on the brand's advertising, check out this older, more overtly colourful campaign from August 2010. Snapped at two locations along Sunset Boulevard, the Vitamin Water bottle was clearly the hero.
Vitamin Water thirsty xxx billboard
UPDATED: If you liked Vitamin Water's 'You're Up' ad campaign then you'll love their vibrant new 'Make boring brilliant' creative.
Vitamin Water boring brilliant billboard
Vitamin Water Make boring brilliant billboard
This multi-coloured, energetic billboard really catches your eye where it was snapped along Westwood Boulevard on April 21, 2013.
boring brilliant Vitamin Water billboard


  1. Do you know if these Vitamin Water billboards still on display? Or are there any new ones up in the city? Thank you!

  2. Hey Katie, all these Vitamin Water billboards were taken some time ago, last one in April 2013. I've not seen any recently, but I don't doubt the new year will hold a new campaign.