Wednesday, May 30, 2012

TV WEEK: True Blood season five billboards...

Giant True Blood season 5 billboard Sunset Strip
With creator and producer Alan Ball leaving True Blood after the fifth season, you just know that the witty vampire alluding tag line 'Everything is at stake' means so much more.
True Blood season 5 Vampire Bill billboard
This sexy fantasy series always has a real knack at creating eye-catching visuals to promote the show and the season five billboards are no exception with their nifty red, white and black design.
True Blood season 5 Sookie billboard
Anna Paquin's 'Sookie Stackhouse' can be seen towering over L.A.'s Sunset Strip in a giant-sized ad and in a smaller creative at Fairfax Avenue and Beverly Boulevard, whilst her vampire love interests 'Bill' and 'Eric' get their own billboards too along Sunset Boulevard and Fairfax Avenue respectively on May 23, 2012.
True Blood season 5 Vampire Eric billboard
If you're a fan of the show, be sure to check out the previous four seasons billboards for True Blood here at Daily Billboard.
Giant True Blood 5 billboard Sunset Strip
UPDATED: As the excitement builds for the fifth season of True Blood, another super-sized billboard has appeared in the same location along Sunset Boulevard.
True Blood season 5 Bill Compton billboard
Photographed on June 1, 2012 this one features Stephen Moyer's vampiric 'Bill Compton'.
True Blood season 5 Stephen Moyer Bill billboard
UPDATED: For all you Alexander Skarsgard fans, here's another slightly larger billboard featuring vampire 'Eric Northman'.
True Blood season 5 Eric Northman billboard
This billboard which looks like the star is looking directly at you with that piercing eye was snapped in Santa Monica on June 6, 2012.
True Blood season 5 vampire Eric billboard
Meanwhile whilst not every character from the fantasy series can get their own billboard, almost all of them do get their own poster, like fan favourites Alcide, Pam, Lafayette and Jessica.
True Blood season 5 posters
UPDATED: Here's HBO's Emmy Consideration ad campaign billboard for the fifth season of True Blood, snapped along Melrose Avenue at La Brea Avenue on June 10, and along Santa Monica Boulevard on June 15, 2013. 
True Blood 5 Riveting Emmy billboard
Did you think season five of the supernatural show was 'riveting' and award worthy?
True Blood 5 Riveting Emmy billboard

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