Wednesday, May 9, 2012

TRIO DAY: Snow White and the Huntsman movie billboards...

Snow White Huntsman Evil Queen billboard
Daily Billboard is always excited to see new movie billboards take to the skies of L.A., especially when they are as stunning and near perfection as these creatives for Snow White & the Huntsman.
Snow White Huntsman movie billboard
Charlize Theron simply demands to be seen as the 'Evil Queen' in these special extension billboards and commands your attention when paired with her co-stars, Thor's Chris Hemsworth as 'The Huntsman' and Twilight's Kristen Stewart as 'Snow White' herself.
Charlize Theron Snow White Huntsman billboard
The fairytale Queen oozes evil and you can't quite tell where that murder of crows ends and her elaborate feathered costume begins, it's just a breathtaking visual.
Snow White Huntsman billboard
Meanwhile Chris Hemsworth looks like he's having a smashing time as 'The Huntsman' in this dramatic creative.
Snow White Huntsman movie billboard
Let's hope this take on the Snow White tale isn't as unsuccessful as Julia Robert's recent Mirror Mirror flop.
Snow White Huntsman movie billboard
If you're not convinced of the movie's potential by these billboard creatives, Snow White & the Huntsman does come with some quality fantasy credentials in the form of the Producer of Alice in Wonderland.
Snow White and the Huntsman billboard
The sinister special extension Evil Queen billboards was photographed along Sunset Boulevard and along 3rd Street on May 5, whilst the standard cast billboard was snapped the same day along Beverly Boulevard.
Snow White Huntsman billboard
The smaller Huntsman version was captured along Sunset Boulevard on May 8, 2012.
Snow White Huntsman billboard
If you're a fan of Charlize Theron, be sure to also check out her J'Adore perfume ad for Dior.
Snow White movie billboard
And if you're an admirer of Chris Hemsworth you can check out this giant Thor movie billboard and for Kristen Stewart these Twilight movie billboards.
Snow White Huntsman billboard
UPDATED: Daily Billboard finally spied the Kristen Stewart 'Snow White' creative for the movie campaign in which she's the titular heroine. It looks like she's armoured up and ready for battle along Sunset Boulevard.
Snow White Huntsman Kristen Stewart billboard
Snow White and Huntsman Kristen Stewart billboard
Plus here's a special extension version of Chris Hemsworth's visually arresting battling 'Huntsman' creative snapped along Beverly Boulevard on May 23, 2012.
Snow White Huntsman Chris Hemsworth billboard
There's even something for people who want a more interactive experience as this billboard for the pop-up experience along Melrose Avenue suggests.
Snow White Huntsman Popup Experience billboard
UPDATED: Even more support has appeared for the fantasy movie with these two super-sized billboards along Highland and Franklin Avenues.
Snow White and Huntsman movie billboard
Snow White Huntsman movie billboard
These arresting billboards snapped on May 26, 2012 certainly standout along this busy commuter corridor in Hollywood.
Snow White Huntsman movie billboard
Snow White Huntsman billboard
In addition for completions sake, Daily Billboard remembered this early teaser billboard taken way back on November 30, 2011 at the corner of Lankershim and Ventura Boulevards in Studio City.
Snow White and the Huntsman teaser billboard

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