Friday, May 25, 2012

BONUS DAY: Pepsi Live for Now billboards...

Pepsi Live For Now Nicki Minaj billboard
Live For Now, that's the new message from Pepsi.
Pepsi Live For Now billboard
Along with a colourful montage creative, they also have current flavour of the month rapper, Nicki Minaj, to continue their association with music and appeal to a younger generation.
Pepsi Live For Now billboard
Let's face it, these vibrant, fun ads are certainly more interesting than a simple pack shot of their can of cola.
Pepsi Live For Now billboard
These cool Pepsi billboards were snapped around the streets of L.A. from San Vicente Boulevard to the skies of Beverly Boulevard, plus along 3rd Street to the high traffic commuter belt of Sunset Boulevard at the beginning of May 2012.
Nicki Minaj Pepsi Live For Now billboard
For more ads from the Coca-Cola rival, check out this witty Pepsi Summer Santa billboard, Pepsi Optimismmm billboard and these Pepsi Max billboards from New York City.
Pepsi Live For Now billboard 2012
And to see how their competitor advertises, take a gander at these Coke billboards from last Summer. Which do you prefer?
Live For Now Pepsi billboard
UPDATED: Here's another creative from the new Pepsi campaign snapped along Ventura Boulevard in Studio City on May 30, 2012.
Pepsi billboard 2012
UPDATED: Pepsi keeps on living for now with this billboard creative from their latest ad campaign snapped La Cienega Boulevard on August 30, 2012.
Pepsi Live for now billboard
Meanwhile in New York City Pepsi is certainly makes a strong statement in Times Square with this assortment of Live for Now billboards spotted on August 27, 2012.
Pepsi Live for Now billboards Times Square NYC
Pepsi Live Now billboards Times Square
Now that's a lot of Pepsi goodness in one place.
Pepsi Live for Now billboards Times Square
Pepsi Live for Now billboards NYC

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