Saturday, April 28, 2012

T2 Team to End AIDS endurance training billboard...

Team to End AIDS billboard
A few months of training, a lifetime of pride. 

Believe everything you read on this billboard about getting fit and building great friendships, and take it from someone who has trained with this fantastic organisation for two consecutive L.A. Marathons (and the Honolulu Marathon later this year) that it's a life-changing experience.
Team to End AIDS billboard West Hollywood
Not only can you achieve something for yourself, like train to complete a marathon or triathlon whatever your fitness level, but you can also raise awareness and much needed funds for AIDS Project Los Angeles and other local AIDS organisations, who do essential work to help improve the lives of people affected by HIV and prevent many others from contracting the disease.
Team to End AIDS billboard WEHO
This sporty charity billboard was snapped above the Santa Palm Car Wash along Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood on April 27, 2012.

T2: Team to End AIDS has endurance training programs in Chicago, Houston, DC and Los Angeles. For more details about training with T2 and raising money for AIDS Project L.A. visit
Team to End AIDS billboard

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