Tuesday, April 10, 2012

MOVIE WEEK: Men In Black 3 billboards...

MIB3 movie billboard
What do you do following two disappointing movies like Hancock and Seven Pounds? Why you go back to a tried and tested franchise to achieve box office success, that's what.Will Smith MIB3 movie billboard
That's certainly what Will Smith is hoping with the forthcoming MIB3, ten years after the first Men In Black sequel.
MIB3 movie billboard
Tommy Lee Jones is back too, along with Josh Brolin to play his younger alter-ego 'Agent K'.

So it looks like in addition to keeping aliens in check in the new movie, the Men in Black will be traveling in time too. Hence the 'They're back... in time' tagline.
MIB3 movie billboard
In case you're wondering, creating that time-warp affect behind the agents are miniature MIB3 logos, which is a nice design touch.

This cool landscape billboard was snapped along Sunset Boulevard on April 3, whilst the portrait version featuring Will Smith more prominently was photographed on March 27, 2012, opposite the Cinerama Dome at Sunset & Vine.
Men in Black 3 billboard

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