Sunday, April 1, 2012

BONUS DAY: Tiffany & Co jewelry billboards...

Tiffany one true love billboard
Some brands are just so strong that even a colour can evoke a feeling or association.
Tiffany Rubedo metal billboard
One such brand is Tiffany & Co. and their instantly recognisable 'Tiffany Blue'.
Tiffany rings Dec 2011 billboard
The luxury brand's advertising is always consistent and immediately distinguishable as their own.

The latest ads, the 'One true love' and 'Rubedo metal' billboards were snapped in Tiffany & Co.'s regular location along Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood on February 22 and 28, 2012 respectively.
Tiffany Celebration Rings billboard
The colour gemstones ad was captured on December 6, whilst the 'Celebration Rings' creative featuring the female model was photographed on November 3, 2011, just in time for the Christmas gifting period.
Tiffany Dec 2010 billboard
You can also check out a Tiffany sunglasses ad here at Daily Billboard which appeared at the beginning of September 2011.
Tiffany Clutch billboard
The yellow diamond ring creative filled the skies on December 25, 2010 and the Tiffany clutch bag version on September 3, 2010.
Tiffany keys billboard
This 'Tiffany Keys' ad was snapped on June 7, whilst the 'Tiffany Bezet' and 'Give voice to your heart' creative were photographed on flip-sides of the same billboard site above Sunset Plaza on March 4, 2010.
Tiffany Bezet ring billboard
You have to agree that's a pretty timeless style the brand has for their advertising.
Tiffany Voice your heart billboard

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