Thursday, March 22, 2012

TV WEEK: Touch series premiere billboard...

Touch Fox billboard
Daily Billboard really likes the softness of this ad for Kiefer Sutherland's new supernatural sci-fi television series, Touch. The montage design makes for a nice change from the other TV show billboards also clamoring for viewers attention.

In probably a deliberate departure from his tough-as-nails 'Jack Bauer' character in 24, he plays a widower struggling with his responsibilities of being the single parent of his mute and emotionally challenged 11-year-old son 'Jake', who is obsessed with numbers and can seemingly predict random future events.
Kiefer Sutherland Touch billboard
The ad's disparate images help to convey the jigsaw puzzle nature of the show's premise and the mystery that 'Martin Bohm' is going to have to decipher, probably every episode.

This visually interesting new series billboard was snapped at the intersection of Melrose and Highland Avenues on February 29, 2012.Touch series premiere TV billboard

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