Thursday, March 29, 2012

TRIO DAY: Hennessy Wild Rabbit billboards...

Hennessy Wild Rabbit billboard
From the looks of it this month Sunset Boulevard has been overrun by a Wild Rabbit, or two.
Hennessy Few see it billboard
Hennessy seems to have abandoned their lifestyle billboards in favour of a more intriguing and irreverent ad campaign.
What's your wild rabbit billboard
The fun billboards encourage drinkers of the cognac brand to never stop, or settle for less, in their quest for success or to reach their potential. What are you searching for? What's your 'Wild Rabbit'?

Or is it more like Alice down the rabbit hole to Wonderland?
Hennessy Wild Rabbit billboards
These two consecutive billboard sites cleverly reinforce the luxury brand's message and were photographed along Sunset Boulevard at Crescent Heights Boulevard on March 15.
Wild Rabbit Hennessy billboard
The giant-sized stairwell version was snapped on the side of the Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood on March 20, 2012.
Giant Hennessey Wild Rabbit billboard Andaz Hotel
UPDATED: The Wild Rabbit is back and just in time for the holiday season.
Giant Hennessey Wild Rabbit billboard
This time super-sizing the alternative creative on the side of the Andaz Hotel along the Sunset Strip on December 3, 2012.
Giant Hennessey Wild Rabbit billboard

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