Monday, March 26, 2012

TRIO DAY: American Reunion movie billboards...

American Reunion billboard
What's one more slice of pie, right?
American Reunion pie billboard
That's obviously what Universal Pictures are hoping with a fourth installment in the R Rated comedy franchise on the big screen, American Reunion.
American Reunion movie billboard
This time it's not prom night, but a high school reunion for the class of 1999 over a decade later. And apparently they've saved the best piece of pie for last.
American Reunion movie billboard
These billboards do a great job of using the name tag in a fun way and showing how the original cast is all grown up, baby bottles and all.
American Reunion movie billboard
These giant-sized billboards were snapped along Highland Avenue at Franklin Avenue on March 7.
American Reunion pie billboard
The smaller 'pie' creative was snapped along 3rd Street on March 15, whilst the 'name tag' version featuring Jim, Stifler, Michelle and Jim's Dad was captured along Sunset Boulevard on March 20, 2012.
Giant American Reunion billboard

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