Wednesday, March 14, 2012

BONUS DAY: Citi MasterCard Google Wallet billboards...

Citi Google wallet billboard
Aside from a nice bright blue that helps these billboards stand out, the campaign isn't that creatively remarkable, but what interesting is that we're at dawn of a new age where financial brands are advertising electronic payment using a smartphone device rather than a traditional physical credit card.
Citi creditcard phone billboards
Citigroup may have recently failed The Federal Reserve stress test, but Citi MasterCard debuted their giant-sized billboard on the side of the 9000 building along Sunset Boulevard in December 2011.
Citi Mastercard Google Wallet billboard
They followed this ad with further super-sized billboards in additional locations along L.A.'s Sunset Strip and along Melrose Avenue in February and March 2012.
Citi contacts list billboard
Daily Billboard also spied this standard landscape 'contacts list' creative along Highland Avenue at Franklin Avenue on March 7, 2012, where it's been for a while now.
Giant Citi credit card billboard
Yes it's a simple creative, but the message is also delivered clearly and the large scale ads are certainly attention grabbers.
Citi Mastercard Google Wallet billboard
These advances in technology are always so cool, but Daily Billboard always wonders what happens when your phone runs out of battery life, how do you access you Google Wallet to pay then?
citi pay by phone billboards
What will you be able to do with your phone next? Start your car? Drive your car? Open the front door to your house? The possibilities are endless and Daily Billboard is sure there'll soon be an 'an app for that'.
Giant Citi credit card billboard

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