Saturday, February 18, 2012

Stella Artois Chalice not a glass billboard...

Stella Artois chalice billboard
Fancy a chalice of Stella?

Daily Billboard bets it's something you've never asked for at your local bar or pub.
Stella Artois chalice not a glass billboardIt is however a nice witty way of positioning Stella Artois as a treasure to be savoured.
Stella Artois chalice billboard
This simple, but attention-grabbing billboard was snapped along L.A.'s infamous Sunset Strip on February 8, 2012.
Stella Artois chalice billboard
Be sure to check out more billboards from the clever Stella Artois She is a thing of beauty ad campaign.
Stella Artois micro brewery billboard
UPDATED: Here's another Stella Artois creative photographed in the same location along Sunset Boulevard on September 21, 2012. This ad has some playful fun with where the Belgian beer is brewed and also implies this is not just some mass-produced ale.
Stella Artois microbrewery Belgium billboard

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