Thursday, January 5, 2012

TV WEEK: Shipping Wars Gnome billboard...

Shipping Wars TV billboard
Daily Billboard laughed out loud upon seeing this quirky billboard for A&E's forthcoming series, Shipping Wars.
Shipping Wars Gnome TV billboard
Let's be frank, it's not an every day occurrence to see a giant garden gnome being hauled on a trailer and it really makes for an arresting visual.

It certainly helps make the reality series, which follows six independent shippers who transport the unconventional items that other freight carriers won't consider, seem more lighthearted and compelling a show than the name may suggest.
Shipping Wars Gnome billboard
This fun, eye-catching billboard was snapped along Sunset Boulevard on December 16, 2011 (which also had a nice timely, festive 'Santa Claus' feel with the white beard and red hat).
Shipping Wars TV billboard


  1. This picture is FAKE, A&E Photoshopped the GNOME to look bigger than it really is to promote there show. A&E is also PROMOTTING a WEB SITE CALLED USHIP that has nothing more than FELONS,CHILD MOLESTORS and SCAMMERS on there site ready to rip you off. Do a GOOGLE SEARCH for "USHIP SCAMS" for the real story

  2. Here's the tumblr page which shows the size of the gnome and its journey:

  3. I just saw that truck & trailer with gnome on my way to work this morning. It pulled into a gas station on rt 17 in Rutherfor, NJ. Gnome is about 10-12'