Monday, December 31, 2012

TV WEEK: Deception series premiere billboards...

Deception face special extension billboard
With the New Year looming it's time to bust out the mid-season replacements to plug the holes in the television schedules caused by the shows that didn't quite rise to the occasion this Fall.
Deception season 1 billboard
It always amazes Daily Billboard how much money the studios spend to launch fledgling shows and a vast majority of them don't seem to last beyond three to six episodes.
Deception season 1 face billboard
Hopefully NBC's Deception can buck this trend because these special extension billboards are certainly intriguing advertisements for the new crime drama.
Deception billboard
Meagan Good's female 'Detective Joanna Locasto' is forced to go undercover to find the killer when her wealthy socialite friend is murdered.
Deception Suspect Everyone face billboard
These special extension creatives really are quite eye-catching, especially at this time of year when there are not so many gimmicky billboards filling the skies.
Deception To find the truth billboard
The 'To find the truth. She'll become a lie' creative was snapped along Sunset Boulevard and Cahuenga Boulevard on December 19, whilst the 'Suspect everyone' face special extension was spotted along the Sunset Strip on December 21, 2012.
Deception special extension face billboard
Here's wishing you a fun-filled New Year's Eve whatever you get up to, and stick around to usher in 2013 with a fresh and fabulous new TV WEEK.
Deception series premiere billboard
UPDATED: Here's another of the face special extension billboards photographed in better lighting to really celebrate the impact of the arresting visual.
Deception season 1 face billboard
This version was photographed above The Happy Ending Bar and Restaurant along Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood on January 2, 2013.
Deception NBC billboard Sunset Boulevard

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Champagne only comes from Champagne billboards...

Champagne only comes from Champagne billboard
The final countdown to the New Year has begun and the question you should be asking yourself is not where you'll be celebrating the end of 2012 and the dawn of 2013, but more importantly where do your bubbles come from?
True champagne comes from the Champagne wine region in France, so don't be fooled this New Year's Eve with all those overpriced bottles of 'I-can't-believe-it's-not-champagne' and stick to the real thing for the best taste experience.
Champagne from Champagne billboard
To help usher 2013 in style, enjoy these champagne billboards from this holiday season and also a giant blast from the past.
The super-sized Moet & Chandon Oscar billboard was snapped on the side of the Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood on March 4, 2010.
Champagne question mark billboard
Champagne only from Champagne France billboard
Meanwhile the 'question mark' champagne advocacy creative was spied along Vine Street in Hollywood on December 15, plus the landscape version was spotted along Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood on December 29, 2012.
Daily Billboard hopes your New Year celebrations will have some sparkle whatever fizz you decide to drink.
Champagne question mark billboard

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Silver Jeans In between moments count billboard...

As 2012 draws to a close, Daily Billboard couldn't help but be drawn to this philosophical billboard from Silver Jeans Co. 'The in between moments are the ones that count', indeed.
A seemingly new addition to the skies of L.A. this year, the jeans brand certainly has a way of catching your eye with its fresh faced creatives.
These billboards were spied along Beverly Boulevard just before The Beverly Center on May 5 with the denim shorts creative, on July 24 for the sun's rays version and with the latest cardboard sign creative on December 18, 2012.
If you're a fashionista, you'll also want to check out more stylish jeans billboards here at Daily Billboard.
And like the ad says, be sure to make all your moments count.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Gangster Squad movie billboards...

Gangster Squad movie billboard
Now that the Holidays are drawing to a close and the New Year is looming, it's time to get back to the business of movies.
Gangster Squad billboard
This month these evocative Gangster Squad billboards have overtaken the skies of Los Angeles.
Gangster Squad movie billboard
Originally due for a September 2012 release, the similarities between the horrific Aurora theatre shootings and a scene in the period gangster movie required re-shoots and resulted in a delayed release date of January 2013.
Gangster Squad movie billboard
Set in 1940's and 1950's L.A., the film centers around a rogue cop squad trying to stop East Coast Mafia types led by Sean Penn's underworld boss, 'Mickey Cohen', from invading the City of Angels.
Gangster Squad movie billboard
Josh Brolin leads the LAPD officers operating outside the law and the crime flick sees him butting heads with Sean Penn again, just like he did in Milk.
Gangster Squad movie billboard
Meanwhile Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling find themselves getting romantic again and hopefully sharing that same on screen chemistry they had in Crazy Stupid Love.
Gangster Squad movie billboard
Be sure to also check out these original cars, costumes and movie props from Gangster Squad
on display at the Petersen Automotive Museum.
Gangster Squad billboard
These billboards were snapped all over the streets of L.A., along La Cienega Boulevard, Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Boulevard and even high above Sunset & Vine from December 14 to December 19, 2012.
Gangster Squad movie billboard

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tom Ford Noir fragrance billboard...

Tom Ford Noir fragrance billboard
Hopefully Santa was kind to you, and maybe some of you even received this new men's fragrance from Tom Ford in your Christmas stocking to keep you smelling stylish all year long.
Tom Ford Noir fragrance billboard
Tom Ford certainly must save himself a boat load of money by being handsome enough to model for his own products, although let's face it, he is the living embodiment of his brand, which you can't always say about a fashion designer.
Tom Ford Noir billboard
This smouldering Tom Ford Noir creative was snapped along Sunset Boulevard on cloudy December 14, 2012.

If you're a fan of the fashion brand, be sure to check out these other super stylish Tom Ford billboards.
Tom Ford Noir fragrance billboard
UPDATED: Fast forward to 2014 and Tom Ford has a new billboard for his designer Noir fragrance for the sophisticated Tom Ford man, now available in Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette spray (hence the two bottles).
Tom Ford Noir fragrance billboard 2014
This updated stylish billboard was snapped along L.A.'s Sunset Plaza on January 10, 2014.
Tom Ford Noir fragrance billboard 2014

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Django Unchained movie billboard...

Django Unchained movie billboard
What movie are you in the mood for on the big screen this Christmas? Will it be an epic revolutionary musical like Les Misérablesor a bloody Western in the form of Django Unchained, brought to you by the mind of Quentin Tarantino.

Jamie Foxx stars in this tale of revenge as a slave turned bounty-hunter, out to rescue his wife (Scandal's Kerry Washington) from a brutal Mississippi plantation owner, in what promises to be a wild, wild ride.
Django Unchained billboard
This movie billboard with its modern Western feel was spied along Beverly Boulevard on December 19, 2012.

For more Western-themed billboards check out these Hell on Wheels TV billboards.
Django Unchained movie billboard
UPDATED: Quentin Tarantino fans can also enjoy this billboard for The Hateful Eight, his eighth movie, snapped along Sunset Boulevard on December 26, 2015.
Hateful Eight movie billboard

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Coca-Cola Open Happiness Santa 2012 billboards...

Coke Santa billboard 2012
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
Coke Santa billboard 2012
There's nothing quite as festive as a Coca-Cola Santa Claus filling the skies of L.A. at this time of year.
Coke Open Happiness Santa billboard 2012
Last year Coke eschewed using their signature Father Christmas in favour of a more environmentally friendly Arctic Home ad campaign featuring polar bears.
CocaCola Open Happiness Santa billboard 2012
This year the world famous soft drink brand has reverted to its iconic jolly Santa enjoying a bit of happiness this festive season.

These illustrated Santa bilboards were snapped along Westwood Boulevard and also along Highland Avenue on December 20, 2012.
CocaCola Santa billboard 2012
If you like this striking red creative, be sure to also check out Coke's Santa billboards from 2008 and 2009 and also their Open Happiness Christmas 2010 ad.

Daily Billboard wishes you all a wonderful day filled with happiness.
Coke Open Happiness Santa billboard 2012