Thursday, December 1, 2011

WORLD AIDS DAY: AIDS Healthcare Foundation billboards...

Gay New Love HIV test billboard
In honour of World AIDS Day and in recognition of 30 years of AIDS, Daily Billboard has a special collection of billboards today.

The L.A. based AIDS Healthcare Foundation is a global organization that provides medical care and advocacy to over 100,000 people in 22 countries around the world. In addition to treatment for thousands of people living with HIV and AIDS, this crucial charity continues to raise awareness and ensure prevention in order to save more lives.
New Love HIV test straight billboard
Here are just some of varying ad creatives AHF use around the streets of L.A. to help educate the public and draw attention to the important issues. Let's kick off with these retro pop art style 'New love?' billboards, snapped along Sunset Boulevard and Hillhurst Avenue on November 9 and December 1, 2011 respectively.
Last Test HIV Nurse billboard
The billboards encourage sexually active people to go get a free HIV test in a humorous way. This 'Last Test?' creative was snapped along Highland Avenue on August 21, 2011.
AIDS Healthcare 4 cents billboard
This clever 'four cents' billboard captured along Sunset Boulevard on April 30, 2011, shows that the vast majority of funds donated, 96 cents in every dollar, goes towards patient care.
Hate to wait HIV test billboard
This eye-catching 'Hate to wait?' billboard with its special extension pixelated egg-timer, stands out with its simple message and was photographed along Fairfax Avenue on February 20, 2010.

Next this targeted billboard in the heart of West Hollywood asks 'where have all the condoms gone?' and encourages safe, protected sex to help prevent transmission. This colourful creative was snapped along Santa Monica Boulevard on July 4, 2009.
West Hollywood condoms billboard
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Finally here's another public health billboard advocating the importance of HIV testing, snapped above the Santa Palm Car Wash along Santa Monica Boulevard June 12, 2011.

Here's to a cure soon, because 30 years of AIDS is more than enough.
30 years AIDS billboard

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