Wednesday, December 21, 2011

FESTIVE WEEK: Heineken beer Holidays 2011 billboards...

Heineken Holidays beer plow billboard
Heineken beer is getting in the festive spirit with these fun new creatives for the holidays.
Giant Heineken Holidays beer billboardA humorous tagline is always a great way to make an ad more interesting, especially when you're basically just showing a picture of some beer in a pint glass.
Heineken decorate with beer billboard
These billboards certainly do a great job of making you want to decorate your pint glass with their brand of beer, and be very merry.
Giant Heineken Holidays beer plow billboard
The giant Heineken billboard was photographed on the side of the Andaz Hotel along Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, whilst the trio of billboards was snapped along Highland Avenue in Hollywood on December 2, 2011.
Heineken decorate your pint glass billboard
If you like these festive versions, be sure to also check out another giant billboard for Heineken beer from earlier this year.
Festive Heineken beer billboard

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