Tuesday, November 8, 2011

FASHION WEEK: Michael Kors male underwear model billboards...

Michael Kors male underwear model billboard
Who knew Michael Kors could do hot and sexy? This saucy billboard for the designer's men's underwear range is certainly heating up L.A.'s infamous Sunset Strip.
Michael Kors underwear billboard Sunset Strip
This hot male model billboard in mono was snapped along Sunset Plaza on October 8, 2011.
Michael Kors men's underwear billboard
Plus here's another version of the sexy ad creative, showing male model Cory Bond's handsome face as well as his toned torso, was snapped on Broadway at Times Square in New York City on November 5, 2011.
Michael Kors male underwear model billboard
If you like these Michael Kors billboards, be sure to check out these other ads packed with perfect pecs and hard abs, including 2(x)ist's men's underwear billboards, aussieBum's latest men's swimwear ad and even Cristiano Ronaldo for Emporio Armani underwear.
Hot Michael Kors underwear billboard

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