Wednesday, November 23, 2011

DUO DAY: Stephen King's Bag of Bones TV billboards...

Beware The Lake teaser billboard
These creepy watery visuals for Stephen King's Bag of Bones mini-series are certainly eye-catching and intriguing billboards.
Bag of Bones TV billboard
The suitably eerie billboards are nothing less than what you'd want to get fans and passersby excited for this TV adaptation from the master of horror and suspense.
Bag of Bones teaser billboard
A&E are pretty good at doing this tease and reveal campaign and you can also check out their billboards for Breakout Kings and The Glades.
Bag of Bones billboard
The cool Beware The Lake teaser billboard was snapped along Sunset Boulevard on October 26, and the follow-up Bag of Bones version on November 9.
Beware The Lake TV teaser billboard
Daily Billboard also spied another Bag of Bones underwater girl billboard in New York, along East Houston and Crosby on November 7, 2011.
Bag of Bones billboard NYC

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