Saturday, November 19, 2011

Battle of the billboards: Batman vs Skyrim vs Saints Row...

Batman Arkham City billboard
You can tell when the Christmas gifting season is fast approaching when the skies are filled with loads of video game billboards for gamers to ask Santa for.
Saints Row The Third billboard
In addition to the latest Call of Duty and Battlefield 3 game billboards, here are three other video games duking it out above the streets of L.A.
Skyrim game billboard
There's the atmospheric Batman: Arkham City, featuring the Caped Crusader in a classic pose, snapped along Hollywood Boulevard on October 12.
Batman Arkham City game billboard
Meanwhile, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Saints Row: The Third literally battle it out with special extension billboards back to back, and visible from each side, along Fairfax Avenue at Melrose Avenue on October 26.
Saints Row The Third game billboard
This Skyrim ad was actually photographed at Melrose and La Brea Avenues, and Daily Billboard likes how the snowcapped mountain peak sneaks above the billboard in addition to the armoured warrior.

Which video game billboard do you think should win this battle?
Elder Scrolls V Skyrim billboard

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