Tuesday, October 18, 2011

TRIO DAY: Spike Scream Awards 2011 billboards...

Ballerina Scream Awards billboard
Today someone's going to get it, but will it be the bipolar, bi-curious ballerina from Black Swan, the scheming lords and ladies of Game of Thrones or the shield-slinging super-soldier, Captain America. Decisions, decisions.
Scream Awards 2011 billboard
Fortunately you won't have to wait long, just watch the sixth annual Spike Scream Awards to discover this year's winners of the best in sci-fi, horror, comic book and fantasy on the big and small screen.
Captain America Scream Awards billboard
Daily Billboard loves this fun, clever campaign which has something for every genre fan, from mainstream blockbusters to modern day literary classic adaptations and edgy Oscar winners.
Black Swan Scream Awards billboard
The Black Swan and Game of Thrones inspired billboards were snapped along Sunset Boulevard on October 8, whilst the Captain America movie version captured along Highland Avenue at Hollywood Boulevard on October 12, 2011.
Game of Thrones Scream Awards billboard

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