Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Three Musketeers remake movie billboard...

Three Musketeers movie billboard
With Footloose, The Thing and Conan the Barbarian remakes all landing in cinemas this year, it was only a matter of time for a new interpretation of Alexandre Dumas' classic tale, The Three Musketeers, to take to the big screen.

Let's face it the 1993, 1973 and 1948 motion pictures couldn't possibly have been enough.
Three Musketeers movie billboard
Young, hot-headed D'Artagnan once again joins forces with Porthos, Aramis and Athos to foil the scheming plans of Cardinal Richelieu and Milady de Winter in 17th century France.

This billboard for the movie remake certainly catches your eye with the legendary Musketeers brandishing their swords and muskets in your direction.

The billboard was snapped along Melrose Avenue at La Brea Avenue on September 23, 2011.
Three Musketeers movie billboard

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