Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Grimm TV billboards...

Grimm billboard
Every season there seem to be a few shows that share similar settings or concepts on rival networks. Take for example this Fall season with two period dramas based in the 1960's, Pan Am and The Playboy Club, the latter already cancelled, plus two fairytale themed shows, Once Upon a Time and the new series featured on this cool billboard, Grimm.
Grimm TV billboard
Following in the footsteps of Supernatural, Grimm seems to be focusing on folklore and Grimm's fairytales more than angels and demons.

This new cop show with a twist, finds a homicide detective in Portland, Oregon, discovering he's a descendent of a group of hunters, called 'Grimms', who keep humanity safe from the mythical creatures of legend and fables.
Grimm TV billboard
Daily Billboard loves the nods to Red Riding Hood and the notorious fairytale cottage in the woods, in this creative for the new show.
Grimm TV billboard
It also seems like perfect timing to start a show about monsters and the like with Halloween just around the corner.
Grimm billboard
These different formats of the billboard for Grimm were snapped along Sunset Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard on October 6, 2011.
Grimm NBC billboard
UPDATED: Here's another giant billboard for Grimm, featuring the show's stars David Guintoli and Russell Hornsby, snapped along Vine Street in Hollywood on October 20, 2011.
Giant Grimm TV billboard

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