Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Battle of the billboards: Sofia Vergara for Kmart vs Burberry Body...

Kmart and Burberry billboards Sunset Strip
Today it's a real battle royal of the body billboards with Sofia Vergara for Kmart facing off against Rosie Huntington-Whiteley along L.A.'s Sunset Boulevard.
Sofia Vergara Kmart billboardBurberry Body perfume billboard
The hilarious and gorgeous Modern Family star, Sofia Vergara, certainly works with what she's got, whilst the Transformers: Dark of the Moon star and model isn't shy about baring all either.
Sofia Vergara Kmart fashion billboard
What is quite funny though is that the reclined pose used by each lovely lady is almost identical, and being located in such close proximity makes for an almost mirror image visual in the skies along the busy boulevard.
Burberry Body billboard
These fashionable billboards for Sophia Vergera's new clothes line at Kmart and for Burberry's new designer fragrance, Body, were snapped on September 28, 2011.
Sofia Vergara Kmart billboard
The Burberry Body billboard is certainly more risque, but the voluptuous Modern Family star is riding high on the show's popularity at the moment, so is equally eye-catching.

Who in your mind wins this battle of the body billboards?
Burberry Body fragrance billboard

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