Monday, September 26, 2011

TV WEEK: Hung season three billboards...

Hung season 3 HBO billboard
The Fall television season is in full swing and so here's another TV WEEK with many returning favourite shows and some new contenders for those valuable viewers.
Hung season 3 HBO billboard
First it's Thomas Jane in this raunchy billboard for the third season of Hung, which finds his well-endowed gigolo 'working harder than ever'.

These sexy creatives were snapped along Santa Monica Boulevard at Brockton Avenue on August 31 and along Sunset Boulevard at Doheny Drive on September 8, 2011.
Hung season 3 TV billboard
If you're a fan of Thomas Jane and the show, check out these billboards for the first and second seasons of Hung.
Hung season 3 billboard
UPDATED: Daily Billboard loves this super-sized version of the Hung season three billboard which was installed on November 2, 2011.
Hung season 3 HBO billboard
Thomas Jane certainly looks like the cat that got the cream towering over L.A.'s Sunset Strip and this giant billboard is sure to turn a few heads as they pass by.
Giant Hung season 3 TV billboard

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