Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Daniel Craig Cowboys & Aliens movie billboard...

Cowboys and Aliens movie billboardIf Daniel Craig's cowboy, wearing an alien-looking wrist gauntlet doesn't illustrate this movie's culture clash between Western and Sci-fi genres, Daily Billboard is not sure what does. Unless of course he was pointing his futuristic weapon at a big, slimy, bug-eyed extraterrestrial, that is.Cowboys and Aliens movie billboard
This small movie billboard for Cowboys & Aliens was photographed at Robertson Boulevard on June 21 and the larger format further west along Santa Monica Boulevard on July 5, 2011.

If you like this version, be sure to check out the teaser billboard for Cowboys & Aliens from earlier this year.
Cowboys and Aliens Daniel Craig billboard

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  1. The relatively humdrum life of a village in late-19th century western US suffers a very major shock delivered by very ill-mannered aliens from outer space. The aliens use potent projected-energy weapons to create havoc, and their flying machines are equipped with lasso-like devices to snatch the townspeople. Two strangers to the village, one a wanted man and the other a female drifter seem to have a connection to the aliens. The film has a fast-moving and self-consistent plot. Acting is excellent and the special effects are very good