Sunday, June 19, 2011

TV WEEK: Happily Divorced billboards...

Giant Happily Divorced TV Land billboard
All the good ones may be married or gay, and the new comedy Happily Divorced may have both, but is the new show any good is the real question.

Only time will tell if Fran Drescher and John Michael Higgins will capture the Will & Grace sitcom magic in this comedy inspired by real life about a husband who comes out of the closet after 18 years of marriage and continues living together with his wife for financial reasons.
Happily Divorced TV billboard
The giant creative for TV Land's Happily Divorced certainly makes an impact, where it was photographed along L.A.'s Sunset Strip at Alta Loma Road, whilst the standard format was snapped further west along Sunset Boulevard on June 7, 2011.
Happily Divorced season 1 billboard

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