Thursday, June 2, 2011

TV WEEK: Conan Sexiest man alive billboard...

Conan sexist man TV billboard
Conan O'Brien should win an Emmy just for this bright and funny billboard alone.

How can you not laugh out loud at this self-deprecating tagline - The sexiest man alive (might be on our show one day).

This simple and eye-catching billboard was snapped along Sunset Boulevard by the Chateau Marmont Hotel on April 27.
Conan Show Emmy billboard
The Emmy consideration 'Support your nightly wildlife' billboard for the late-night talk show was photographed a month later along Sunset Plaza on May 27, 2011.

Check out this other Conan TV billboard snapped in New York last December.
Sexiest man alive Conan TV billboard
UPDATED: Here's another innuendo-laced billboard for the Conan show snapped in the same location on August 14, 2011.
Conan Likes When You Watch billboard
UPDATED: Conan O'Brien's TV show heads back to New York with this new billboard in the same Sunset Strip location snapped on October 22, 2011.
Conan New York billboard
UPDATED: And here's even more billboards for Conan actually snapped along 7th Avenue near New York's Times Square on November 5, 2011.
Conan show New York Week billboards
It's cool they've chosen orange as a background colour for 'the man who never tans'.
Conan man never tans billboard NYCUPDATED: Here's Conan O'Brien's latest stab at being nominated for an Emmy with this tongue-in-cheek billboard snapped at Sunset & Vine in Hollywood on June 17, 2012.
Conan Emmy 2012 billboard
Daily Billboard certainly thinks he should win the award for 'looking', although he does do an awful to of 'sitting' on his show too.
Conan Emmy 2012 billboard

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