Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Transformers Dark of the Moon Optimus Prime billboard...

Transformers 3 Optimus Prime billboard
Optimus Prime is back and ready for action in Transformers: Dark of the Moon by the looks of things.
Transformers 3 Optimus Prime billboard
The weather may have taken a turn for the worse in L.A. with some June gloom, but the Autobot leader emblazoned with his vibrant red and blue paintwork really brightens up Sunset Boulevard.

This eye-catching movie billboard was photographed yesterday, on June 6, 2011, after it had been erected first thing in the morning.

Let's hope Optimus Prime has a better time of it in this third movie installment than he did in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, when he was almost destroyed.

If you're a Transformers fan, be sure to check out the Optimus Prime billboard from June 2009 in the same location.
Optimus Prime Transformers 3 billboard

UPDATED: Another Optimus Prime billboard was snapped in the morning along Beverly Boulevard on June 7, 2011.
Optimus Prime Transformers 3 movie billboard

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