Thursday, April 7, 2011

TV WEEK: Camelot billboards...

Camelot Starz billboard
From Game of Thrones to Camelot, it seems U.S. television screens are in for a glut of medieval fantasy shows this season.
Camelot Starz TV billboard
This series chronicling the young life and times of King Arthur may owe some of its origins to the success of the BBC's Merlin fantasy-adventure series, although you can imagine with it being on the Starz network to expect more sex and violence then its British counterpart.
Camelot Starz TV billboard
The stars of the show look suitably brooding and sexy, with Jamie Campbell Bower playing the young 'Arthur' and Casino Royale's Eva Green as the scheming 'Morgan'.

These Arthurian billboards for Camelot were snapped along Sunset Boulevard on March 13, 2011.
Camelot TV billboard

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