Monday, April 11, 2011

MOVIE WEEK: Thor billboards...

Thor movie billboard
Of all Marvel Comics characters, the Norse God of Thunder, seems one of the hardest to adapt to the big screen with its unique mix of Norse mythology and 'cape and tights' superheroics. He really doesn't have that instant recognition factor of Spider-man or Hulk, although the same could have been said for Iron Man before his rise to cinematic fame a couple of years ago.

Fortunately, it appears as if director Kenneth Branagh has managed the near impossible of making Thor relevant to today's audiences, whilst Chris Hemsworth certainly seems to look the part of the warrior god.
Thor movie billboard
Luckily he's joined by an all-star, Oscar-wining cast, from Anthony Hopkins as the All-Father Odin, to Natalie Portman as his love interest, 'Jane Foster'.

These impactful Thor billboards herald another MOVIE WEEK here at Daily Billboard, and were photographed along L.A.'s Sunset Strip on March 25 and Highland Avenue on March 28, 2011.

It's also nice to see something other than a kids animated movie inhabiting this prime billboard location along Sunset Boulevard and the dramatic red colour really makes it stand out.
Thor movie billboard Sunset Strip

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