Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chipotle We Buy Gold billboard...

Chipotle We Buy Gold billboard
At first it appears that this is just another cheap gold trade-in advertisement, but on closer inspection it's actually another clever billboard creative for Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurants.

This tongue-in-cheek billboard was snapped at Sweetzer Avenue and Wilshire Boulevard on March 30, 2011.
Chipotle We Buy Gold billboard
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Chipotle In Stores Now billboard
UPDATED: Here's a companion silver foil wrapper billboard to go with the gold version, snapped along Sunset Boulevard on June 15, 2011.Chipotle silver foil wrapper billboardUPDATED: The ever-expanding Chipotle Mexican Grill has recently opened a new restaurant at the corner of L.A.'s Melrose and La Brea Avenues.
Here goes the neighborhood Chipotle billboard
Here's a fun foodie billboard directly over the eatery to help support the newly opened branch snapped on August 2, 2012.
Chipotle neighborhood billboardUPDATED: Chipotle continues to have fun with its advertising, and highlight their real ingredients, as evidenced by this ad creative over their Beverly Boulevard location, snapped on June 2, 2017.
Chipotle Bring appetite real ingredients Also money billboard
Whilst this additional equally tongue-in-cheek ad creative was spied on the eastbound side of this hoarding on June 8, 2017.
We bought this billboard Chipotle
UPDATED: Here's also another set of witty billboards for the introduction of queso on the menu, snapped above Beverly Boulevard on August 11, 2017.
Chipotle Queso billboard
It may have taken Chipotle time to make this happen, but their 'Not fake news' ad creative is also very timely.
Queso Chipotle Not fake news billboard

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