Sunday, March 20, 2011

FASHION WEEK: Asics Sound Mind Sound Body billboards...

Asics Sound Mind Sound Body billboard
Welcome to another FASHION WEEK here at Daily Billboard and to kick us off we have some great sportswear which is both stylish and extremely practical.

These sporty billboards are in honour of the L.A. Marathon which takes place today (and Daily Billboard will be running in).
Sound mind sound body asics billboard
I love this campaign for Asics, which shows all the worry, stress, pain and negative thoughts being shed, in the first creative as the runner is encouraged by the crowds of onlookers, and secondly by the sense of accomplishment and freedom you get just from running.

Obviously it helps if you look good when you're doing it.
Asics Sound Mind Sound Body billboard
The first billboard was snapped along Santa Monica Boulevard, ironically above fast food chain McDonalds, on February 22 and the other runner creatives on March 6, 2011 along Sunset Boulevard. All the billboards can be found along the 'Stadium to Sea' L.A. Marathon course this year.
Asics NYC Marathon billboard
In addition here are two other billboards for Asics, this time photographed near the Big Apple's Times Square on November 14, 2010 following the recent New York Marathon.
Asics New York marathon billboard

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