Monday, January 3, 2011

TRIO DAY: The Green Hornet movie billboards...

The Green Hornet logo movie billboard
Whilst it may not be the Bat Signal, The Green Hornet logo looks pretty cool on its own on this billboard snapped along Melrose at La Brea Avenue on December 24, 2010. At night it also glows a darker green which is even cooler.
Green Hornet movie billboard
Next is a larger billboard snapped on December 21 near the Hollywood & Highland Center, with a shadowy Green Hornet and Kato walking beside their souped up Black Beauty car, cleverly projecting the logo from its headlights.
Green Hornet film billboard at night
Speaking of headlights, finally for this TRIO DAY, is a billboard I've featured before for the new movie, but this time photographed at night on December 27, 2010, along Sunset Boulevard.
Green Hornet Black Beauty billboard
Previously I'd failed to notice how the car headlights on this particular billboard are actually illuminated at night like real working headlamps. Now that's impressive.
The Green Hornet billboard car lights
The Green Hornet billboard lights

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