Thursday, November 11, 2010

Top Gear remake TV billboard...

TopGear History Channel TV billboardIt looks like another popular British TV show is getting a makeover for American viewers following in the footsteps of The Office, American Idol (Pop Idol in the U.K.) and Dancing With The Stars (Strictly Come Dancing), to name but a few.

BBC's Top Gear is being remade for The History Channel and will have all new hosts including rally champion, drift racer and movie stunt driver Tanner Foust, comedian and car enthusiast, Adam Ferrara, and racing analyst Rutledge Wood.

The new billboard is a cool visual as you drive along L.A.'s Sunset Strip and was photographed on November 2, 2010. No doubt the show will cover all things to do with cars and driving, but I wonder if it'll have the same wit and humour as the original.

Be sure to also check out the BBC America Top Gear billboard from February this year.

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