Saturday, November 27, 2010

NYC WEEK: Levi's Curve ID jeans billboards...

Levi's Hotness Curve ID billboard
Daily Billboard has previously showcased several of Levi's billboards for their Curve ID jeans campaign, but never so many creatives in such close proximity before and not the Hotness comes in all shapes and sizes version.
Levi's Curve ID jeans billboards NYC
In L.A. we've seen the All Asses Were Not Created Equal billboard and have even had requests to feature the For Prima Donnas and Girls Named Donna billboard.
Levi's Asses Curve ID jeans billboard
This collection of billboards in New York along West 35th St just helps reiterate what a fun, colourful and vibrant campaign this is for Levi's (whether that's translated into sales is another thing). These quirky fashion billboards were photographed on November 17, 2010.
Levi's Curve ID Donna billboard

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