Monday, September 13, 2010

BONUS WEEK: No Ordinary Family TV billboards...

Giant No Ordinary Family billboard
Welcome to another BONUS WEEK here at Daily Billboard, where you get double the fun every day.
No Ordinary Family billboard
To kick us off in style is this spectacular billboard for No Ordinary Family, with a retro comic-book style logo and iconic group pose to evoke the superheroic theme of the new show about a typical family given special abilities.
Giant No Ordinary Family billboard
Michael Chiklis should be no stranger to being the super-dad of this foursome, after starring as 'The Thing' in the big screen adapatation of Marvel Comics Fantastic Four.

At the moment it seems as if movie studios have fallen in love with the superhero genre, so it was only a matter of time for a glut of comic book inspired TV series to start popping up (look for NBC's The Cape to debut in the future).
No Ordinary Family abc billboard
This massive billboard was photographed along Sunset Plaza on September 9 and the smaller 'From ordinary to extraordinary' creative along Westwood Boulevard in L.A. on August 30, with another landscape version snapped along the Freeway on September 5, 2010.
No Ordinary Family TV billboard

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