Wednesday, September 15, 2010

BONUS WEEK: Levi's Curve ID Jeans billboards...

Levi's Jeans Curve ID billboard
Don't you just love the new ad campaign for Levi's latest women's custom fit jeans range, Curve ID.

The colourful billboards have a great sense of fun, wit and they are just full of life. The 'All asses were not created equal' creative just made me laugh out loud when I saw it. It's very clever.

Both billboards were photographed along Sunset Boulevard, the first at N Cahuenga Avenue on August 27 and second creative snapped at the top of Sweetzer Avenue in West Hollywood on September 9, 2010.
Levi's All Asses Not Equal billboard


  1. have you seen the levi's billboard on pico (south robertson) that is part of the go forth campagin? "for prima donnas and girls named donna" ...would love a photo of that one. and yes, because my name is donna.

  2. Don't you worry it's on the way, look for it soon :)

  3. Is it any wonder that foreigners with more modest sensibilities shake their heads at us?

  4. Thanks for posting these billboards!

  5. For Donna above: